Sunday, November 3, 2019

Collaborative art inspired by Thank you x

We created art inspired by the L.A street artist Thank you x.

Each individual cube represents one student but when put together
we have made an awesome 3-D piece of collaborative art. This
reminds us that each member of the class has something valuable
to offer.


  1. Hi Room 4.
    I love the colourful cubes that you guys did, also they pop out very well.

  2. Hi Room 4
    I like your thank you x art because the colors pop out a lot and your blending is amazing too.

  3. Hi Room 4
    I like your thank you-X art because of all the designs and colours. This is a great reminder of Mrs Patching.

  4. Hey Room 4
    I like Your thank you x art. The colours you used on the art pops out. You must be proud of what you have created.

  5. Hi room 4,
    I love this, you should teach me how to make one its that amazing! Did your class enjoy this?