Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rugby Quiz

We have been learning lots about the rugby world cup and the countries involved. Take our quiz and see if you know as much as us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Art Gallery

Last Friday we went to the Art Gallery to look at rugby pictures by Phillip Trusttrum. We then got to make our own moveable rugby players. We had a great time and our rugby players look cool!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gym Time

Yesterday room 2 went to the gym. When we got there we warmed up by stretching.It was called connection game. Then we did balancing with a buddy.My buddy was Ryan Dobbin. We also did it by ourself. We did four circuits after that. Most of the things were easy for me because I do level 2 competitive. After that we walked all the way back to so we didn't miss phonics. We only had nine minites to get back to class.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday twins.

On Monday moring I was excited because it was mine and Gemmas birthaday.I got to open my presents then I went to school.My mum and my big sister bought a cake in for my bithday it looks pretty with the flowers and icing too.

by Jaida. `

Twins birthday.

Monday was a special day because it is my birthday and my twin.My mum and my big sister Kimberlee bought a cake.It was big,YUM,and had pink icing with flowers and blue balls.I was the first person to get a piece of ccke. After that Jaida and I took photo of people room2 eating cake. Evrey one got icing on their lips and they looked funnng.We took a piece to Ronan and Isobella because my mum said so. We had a great morning.

by Gemma

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daffodil Day

On Friday it was Daffodil day. We made daffodils out of card and then planted them in our school gardens. We made them to raise money for the Cancer Society. Our class raised $27. Check out the pictures below of us making our daffodils and how they looked in they garden.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow pictures

by Caleb


Yesterday Mr Dobbin came to room 2 and he said he had a surprise for us. We all went outside. The surprise was three bags of snow. When I touched it it felt soft and it looked like my white fluffy blanket. We had a snowball fight. Bailey threw lots of snow at me because I was slow. The snow stuck to the concrete. When we finished room 1 played in the snow too.
By Ashan

Snow fight

Yesterday my dad brought some snow in to school. It was a surprise.I made snowball and threw them at people. I didn't like it when it stuck to the ground.I liked playing in the snow because it was exciting.
by Ryan

Monday, August 15, 2011

Harold the Giraffe

Today room 2 went to Harold. The truck is relly cool and is all full of carpet. What we do there is learn lots of new stuff. We learnt about variety and all the different food we could eat. It was funny when Harold sang and when he wriggled his ears.
by Jozua.

Going to see Harold

Today my class and I went on a truck. We got to see Harold. My class had to ask questions about being healthy. There was a food pyramid in the truck. Harold did the ear wave and everyone laughed. Sarah told Harold to clean his room but Harold was being funny when Sarah was talking. I felt really really excited about seeing Harold. It was my first time too. I hope we get to see Harold the giraffe again sometime.
By Mere

Thursday, August 11, 2011

remembering summer

On icy, winter days
my feet remember the smooth stones in the water,
my legs remember the splashes from the waves,
my body remember my suntan lotion,
my arms remember carrying a tog bag,
my hands remember picking flowers,
my face remembers sweat running down it,
my mind remembers that summer will be back again soon,
by Emma

remembering summer

On a freezing, winter day,
My feet remember the prickles on the grass,
My legs remember all the sprinting that made them sore,
My body remembers all the clothes that made it hot,
My arms remember climbing up a tree,
My hands remember the chocolate melting them,
My face remembers getting splashed in the sea,
My mind remembers that summer will be back again soon.
by te awa

Remember summer

On a nippy, winter day
my feet remember smooth stones I stood on,
my legs remember the cool breeze,
my body remembers floating on the water,
my arms remember climbing up the biggest tree,
my hands remember picking my hat up,
my face remember getting sweaty after a game,
my mind remembers that summer will be back again soon.
by Kimberlee

Remembering Summer

In writing we have been learning to make our stories more interesting by using adjectives. To help us do this Miss Nation read us a poem from a school journal called remembering summer. It had lots of adjectives in it and we had to write our own version of it using describing words. HAve a read and tell us what you think of them.

Remembering Summer

On frosty, winter day's,
my feet remember the scorching hot sand,
my legs remember the wavey wet water,
my body remembers the flaming hot sun,
my arms remember throwing the beach ball,
my hands remember building sand catsles,
my face remembers the water splashing on me,
my mind remembers that summer will be back again soon.
by Reef

Remembering Summer

On icy, winter days,
my feet remember the blazing hot concrete,
my legs remember the warm sand on them,
my body remembers splashing in the cool pool,
my arms remember twirling in the hot sun,
my hands remember eating red ice blocks,
my face remembers the cool brezz blowing on my cheeks,
my mind remembers that summer will be back again soon.
by Niomi

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today I gave out fudge. I made it all by myself! It was my first time to make sometihing by myself and it was the first time mum had ever seen someone make fudge.
The last time she made fudge was when she was 8! Now that I have tried making fudge
I LOVE fudge!!!

By Hayleigh

Monday, August 8, 2011

Squishy clay

Today room 2 played with clay. I thought that it was very gooey and sticky. Then I got the tools and made a pizza it was cool. I had a great time playing with the clay.

by Ashton

play with clay

Today my class and I had a little play with clay.It looked like chocolate but it didn't smell like chocolate. We used spoons but it still stuck to our hands.I didn't like it because it was crumbly,yuck,sticky,and muddy.
by Ryan

Squishy clay

Today room 2 played with clay. Clay is brown and squishy it also smells too. Clay cames from the ground. There are many ways to play with clay and and it was so much fun. There were spoons forks and knifes too. I like clay.
By Gemma

Clay day

On Friday we got to play with clay it was fun. We could make any thing.It looks like mud but the cover says Brick red clay.The colour of the clay is brown.It is gooey smooth and yuck.I sat by Nicky Niomi and Gemma.We got mats to put the clay on.It made my fingers dirty I didint like it. We got tools to make something with them.There was a toothbrush spoons and forks.
By Chloe

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My first time on the blog

Today I am allowed on our blog because Miss Nation is going to teach me how to post. I feel very happy that Miss Nation picked me because I am a computer expert.
by Tayla

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My first time on the blog.

Today I was lucky I got picked to go on the blog. Tayla got picked when I got picked. We are going to get taught how to post on the blog.I feel happy.
by Gemma

Friday, March 4, 2011

Red and Black Day

Today we had a red and black day at school to support those who have been affected by the Christchurch earthquake. Our class raised $31 and the whole school raised $368.50. We hope that this helps. Look at our black and red class photo.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Our focus for art this term is pastel. We learnt how to blend pastels from dark to light and to leave jagged edges to help us blend. Below are the pictures we did using blending.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Managing Impulsivity

One of the Habits of Mind we have been working on so far this year is managing out impulsivity. Have a look at the pictures below that show us doing this by: working quietly, being on task, keeping our hands and feet to ourselves, sitting nicely on the mat, listening to me when I am talking.

Our earthquake stories

In class we have been doing lots of talking about the earthquake in Christchurh. Here are some of the stories we have written.

On Tuesday there was a big earthquake in Christchurch. It was the biggest one I have ever seen!!! I was sooooooo scared because I have never seen an earthquake. I felt sad for those people because some of them were crushed by buildings and rocks. People that were there, some of them are trapped in buildings waiting to be rescued. It is a disaster!
By Hayleigh

In Christchurch there are lots of sad people because there was an earthquake. They don't have water so they have to go to the toilet in a bucket. Some people are missing. There was a fire. Some people have been rescued.
By Niomi

Last night I watched the news. There was an earthquake in Christchurch. It was a 6.3 magnitude. I don't know about the aftershocks. It was sad. Half of the Cathedral is gone.
By Reef

On Tuesday there was an earthquake in Christchurch. The house's collapsed. The people got off the building but there were lots of people that were trapped. The people are sad that they are missing their loved ones. In the news I saw a car smashed and the person was trapped inside his car. The people ripped off the top and when they got him out he was dead. I saw this lady that had blood all over her face.
By Varshna

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miss Nation's top 10

People in Miss Nation's top 10 are people who always:
listen when others are talking
respect others
use their manners
manage their impulsivity
keep the class and school tidy
are organised
Here is a photo of my top 10 - minus 1 becauses there photo isn't allowed on the blog. Other people can join but only when they have had a meeting with Ms O'Connor to explain why they are ready to be a member.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hawiniwini's cousin

Today I bought Hawiniwini's cousin. His name is Wiriwiri. He has not been here before. He does not like people from other classes. His head can pop in. Hawiniwini and Wiriwiri are best friends

By Ahmir

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Room 2 ingenious penguins handshake

Once we decided on our class name we had to come up with a handshake. The came up with lots of great ideas but finally chose Niomi and Jaida's one. Check it out below.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nouns and Verbs

We are learning what nouns and verbs are to help use with writing correct sentences. Here is a website that I found with a game I thought might help you practice remembering what they are. Type the web address below and have a go.