Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shape Pictures

We have been learning about shapes in class. Miss Nation got us to make shape pictures in Word. Next we voted for our favourite ones. Here are the winners.
By Tangata

By Charlee
By Samuel

By Georgia

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Instructions writing

We have been learning how to write instructions. First we made a paper house then we wrote instructions on how to make it. Some of us have made photo stories on how to do this.

Story Jumper

Room 2 have been doing lots of exciting things on the computer. We have been making a book in story jumper. Here are some of the pages in our book with their story.

At number 2 penguin lane lives Tiger. His house has a red and yellow striped roof. It is painted blue and has a chimney. There is a swimming pool up top where the penguins live. Tiger likes spending time playing with the penguins. Tiger and the penguins are always walking up the lane playing tricks on people who live there. One day they played some tricks on Bob and Obb. They said there was a giant cat and dog outside. When they looked outside Tiger said I made you look. 

By Tangata

At number 100b Penguin lane lives Fire-Mire. She has a pet called Kitten-Mitten. Her house has a rainbow roof. It is painted like a fire. Fire-Mire lives next door to her twin sister Shell-Bell. There is a walk way between their houses so they can always visit each other. Fire-Mire and Shell-Bell like to play together with their pets. One day Fire-Mire and Shell-bell saw Bob and Obb doing something bad. Fire-Mire called Noddy and Yoddy  to come and arrest them.

By Azaelia   

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kerpoof Story


One day I went outside and went for a swim in the pool with my friends. When I was swimming I saw a big shark I was so scared that I jumped out and ran inside. My friend’s stayed in the pool because they weren’t scared. My mum rang the police to get the shark .The police came but they didn’t know how to get it out. So mum rang the firemen and they used a giant net and got it out. I was so excited to have a swim again.
By Georgia

Kerpoof Story

Once upon time there was a friendly alien invasion in earth. The aliens were so cute and amazingly crazy. One of the aliens had a crazy hair do. There was talking mushroom too. Two aliens had lots of eyes. I tried to name the aliens but there went all crazy. I said how crazy can they get. Next one alien came to me and talked funny to me. I giggled and gigged. Then the aliens became my friends because the aliens were friendly. The aliens said it was time for them to go back to alien world. I waved good bye while the aliens were in there spaceship flying away to alien world.
By Charlee

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Room 2 Medal winners

Last Monday it was the closing ceremony at Carlton School  for our Olympics. Phillipa Baker-Hogan came to  school  and talked to us about being a Olympian .She showed the whole school her medals. Phillipa Baker-Hogan gave the people who came first their medals.Then everyone had to go outsde and stand on the podium to have their photo taken. In room 2 lots of people got medals.I got a medal for hockey and I felt really proud.
By Georgia


Last Wednesday Mr Jones from Ian Jones Photography came with lots of cameras to show us. He had old cameras and cameras that were different sizes. I liked the little spy camera but it is hard to get film for it. He showed us a huge picture he had printed out of the Wanganui river.
By Samuel

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Duffy assembly

On Monday the whole school went to the hall for a Duffy assembly. Mr  Ngapo came to talk us about books and reading. Eugene got to get our box of books. We had to sing the Duffy song too.I got a Bakugan and Hot Wheels book. I was very happy 
By Tangata

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Zealand Shakeout

On the 26th of September we are going to be joining in the New Zealand Shakeout. At 9.26am on that day we are all going to drop, cover and hold to show that we know what to do in an earthquake. For more information about the New Zealand Shakeout go to Check out this youtube clip I found on how to keep safe in an earthquake and do you think we could make a video of our own?

Byron's Photo Story

We have been learning how to use photo story. Byron made this one about our trips to the gym.

Our first photos

Fractions Movie

Friday, August 31, 2012

Daffodil Day

Today across the country it was Daffodil Day. People everywhere raise money to support the Cancer Society. At Carlton School we had a PJ day to support them with people bringing a gold coin donation. We also sold cupcakes to raise money. In Room 2 we raised $12 dollars and some of us bought cupcakes - YUM!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alphabet key - Olympics

I had to try and write down a word about the Olympics using every letter of the alphabet. I found more than 1 for some of them.
a) athlete          b)badminton boxing  board sailing   black      c)cycling   canoeing               d)diving              e)equestrian      f) fit     fast           g)go                 h) hockey   handball   high jump        i)Italy   Ireland           j)judo  jump    k)Kenya kayak kick kicking          l)London    long jump    last             m) Mark  Todd                  n)New Zealand o) oiympic            p)pool              q)questrian            r)running  rowing run  race  s)swimming soccer sport sprint       t)team      u)USA   UK     v)volleyball  w)weight lifting  world water  win  x) xciting       y)yacht   z) Zimbabwe
By Shelby                              

Alphabet key - Olympics

I had to try and write down a word from every letter of the alphabet about the Olympics. I was one of the people who found a word for every letter
A)Athletes                 B)Badminton                C)China               D)Diving                E)Equestrian
F)fencing                   G)gymnastics               H)Hockey            I)Italy                     J)Judo      K)kayaking
L)London                  M)medal                     N)New Zealand    O)Olympics           P)Poland                    Q)Queen                   R)Rowing                    S)Swimming          T)Team                 U)United kingdom                    V)Vollyball                 W)weight liffing      X) xciting              Y)Yachting                     Z)Zimbabwe
By Jaydene

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Duffy Assembly

Today at school we had a Duffy Assembly. Everyone got a book for free. Mr McDouall taiked to the school about his favourite books and about reading. Mikayla and Connor got the box of books for the class.
Next we sang the Duffy song for Mr McDouall. Finally we went  to room 7 and Miss Nation gave as our books.

story by Azaelia
slideshow by Kobie

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our new dictionaries

Yesterday only year 4's got to get an Illustrated Dictionary from Rotary. We had our name's in our dictionary so the Rotary team knew our name's. Then we got a photo with the Rotary team. The Dictionary is very special because it has pictures in it. My favourite picture is the planets and the scorpion.
By Rebecca and Charlee.

Friendly Aliens

On Thursday 14th June at Carlton school in the hall there was a space odyssey. Room 2 did friendly Aliens. Room 2 had to wear a rubbish bag as a costume. We had a mask too. My mask looked like a elf. My mum was taking photos. There were 5 lines of people for our dance. We put on the show because it was wearable arts and we wanted to celebrate. It was exciting.
By Charlee

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wearable arts

Last Thursday night I went to room2 and we had wearable arts.  We put our costumes, that is scarey.There was smoke and music in the hall. There was heaps of odysseys.We had moons and stars on our rubbish bags.My Dad was there watching. We had to paint our maks. Our dance was callled friendly aliens.It was exciting.
By Samuel

Space Odyssey

Last Thursday night was wearable atrs.We had to make our own costumes out of rubbish bags,pom pom's,pipe cleaners,paper and paint.There was lots of music and some classes made a little dance.It took a long time to make our space costumes.There was hundreds of parents and family members as well. I got really nervous when I got on stage but it was great fun. I think it was a very exiting show.
By Faenza

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Picasso Heads

This time we used different materials to make our Picasso heads. Kobie made the slide show on picture trail.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The moon

Here is the video clips we watched last week about the moon.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Room 2's computer learning

Every Tuesday room 2 gets to go to room 7 to use the laptops. Miss Nation has been teaching us how to be safe on the computer. We have learnt how to log the laptops on and off and how to save our work. Today we practised our keyboard skills. Some people found it easy and others found it hard. We are having lots of fun learning how to use the laptops. By Room 2

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hockey Skills

On Tuesday we were lucky to have some ladies come and teach us some hockey skills. Our session got interrupted by the fire alarm but we still had lots of fun. We showed off some great hockey skills and it has encouraged some of us to play hockey for the school. Check out our skills in the photos!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purple Cake Day

It was purple cake day today and at school most people dressed in purple. We bought a dollar to school to buy a purple cupcake. The money was going to help children in Nepal. Here are some stories we wrote and some pictures.

At Carlton school it is purple cupcake day. We are supporting the children in Nepal. I think at lunch we well get our purple cupcake. YUM!
By Shelby

Today at school it is purple cupcake day. Some of the kids are dressed in purple. Haawiniwini our class mascot has a purple bow.
By Tyler