Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Room 2 Medal winners

Last Monday it was the closing ceremony at Carlton School  for our Olympics. Phillipa Baker-Hogan came to  school  and talked to us about being a Olympian .She showed the whole school her medals. Phillipa Baker-Hogan gave the people who came first their medals.Then everyone had to go outsde and stand on the podium to have their photo taken. In room 2 lots of people got medals.I got a medal for hockey and I felt really proud.
By Georgia


Last Wednesday Mr Jones from Ian Jones Photography came with lots of cameras to show us. He had old cameras and cameras that were different sizes. I liked the little spy camera but it is hard to get film for it. He showed us a huge picture he had printed out of the Wanganui river.
By Samuel

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Duffy assembly

On Monday the whole school went to the hall for a Duffy assembly. Mr  Ngapo came to talk us about books and reading. Eugene got to get our box of books. We had to sing the Duffy song too.I got a Bakugan and Hot Wheels book. I was very happy 
By Tangata

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Zealand Shakeout

On the 26th of September we are going to be joining in the New Zealand Shakeout. At 9.26am on that day we are all going to drop, cover and hold to show that we know what to do in an earthquake. For more information about the New Zealand Shakeout go to Check out this youtube clip I found on how to keep safe in an earthquake and do you think we could make a video of our own?

Byron's Photo Story

We have been learning how to use photo story. Byron made this one about our trips to the gym.

Our first photos

Fractions Movie