Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Story Jumper

Room 2 have been doing lots of exciting things on the computer. We have been making a book in story jumper. Here are some of the pages in our book with their story.

At number 2 penguin lane lives Tiger. His house has a red and yellow striped roof. It is painted blue and has a chimney. There is a swimming pool up top where the penguins live. Tiger likes spending time playing with the penguins. Tiger and the penguins are always walking up the lane playing tricks on people who live there. One day they played some tricks on Bob and Obb. They said there was a giant cat and dog outside. When they looked outside Tiger said I made you look. 

By Tangata

At number 100b Penguin lane lives Fire-Mire. She has a pet called Kitten-Mitten. Her house has a rainbow roof. It is painted like a fire. Fire-Mire lives next door to her twin sister Shell-Bell. There is a walk way between their houses so they can always visit each other. Fire-Mire and Shell-Bell like to play together with their pets. One day Fire-Mire and Shell-bell saw Bob and Obb doing something bad. Fire-Mire called Noddy and Yoddy  to come and arrest them.

By Azaelia   

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