Sunday, October 27, 2019

Making Huts

For our writing experience we made huts in the hall.  Some of us chose to write recounts about our experience, other instructions. Here are some pictures and some of our writing.

̈” ̈Yay,” everyone yelled because Miss Nation said we are going to make huts. Then everyone hurried
into the hall and there were a whole pile blankets, tarpaulins, ropes and pegs. After that everyone went
crazy grabbing what they needed. Next there were chairs scraping on the floor (̈sounding like people were
farting!) as they were rushing to make their huts. 

Michael-Bobby was bossing our group around. Then I tied the rope to the chairs. After that Kayesschen
and I came up with an idea and that was to put the cricket stand in the middle of the hut. When we had
finished shouted out ” ̈Yay.” Our hut looked incredible, there was a blanket as soft as a cloud and the roof
was as hard as a brick. After all our hard work we could go inside and relaxed but then… Miss Nation it ́s
time to destroy them!!

It was a fun start to the new term.  
By Gemma

How to make a hut

Have you ever wanted to build the best hut in the world with just soft and cosy stuff today is your
lucky day because I will show you how to make a hut .

You will need 
  • 2 groups of Chairs stuck to each other
  • 2 cosy blanket
  • Pegs
  • Books
  • Stools 
  • Sheets 

Steps to make a hut
  1. First place the chairs opposite each other back to back.
  2.  Put a blanket on the floor and put the sheets on top of the chairs to make a roof. 
  3. Clip some pegs on the chairs to keep the sheet in place.
  4. Now lay the books on the chair where the sheet is.
  5. Then stack 3 stools on top of each other and  pull the sheet gently onto the stools inside the huts and put more books on top. 
  6. Hope you will be able to make a hut after this. Have fun.  
By Abby

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