Friday, November 20, 2015

Superhero stories

Adventures  of  Super Levi

Super Levi can fly fast and he has laser eyes. He has a red  cape and he has powers and  gloves and red boots and he is helpful. He wears red undies.

One day Super Levi was flying through the sky and he heard screaming so he went down to the building and saved the people from the robbers in the shop. They said thank you Super Levi.
by Levi

Adventures of Super Sarah

Super Sarah was a hero that could save everyone in the town. She has long blonde hair and a pink suit. Super Sarah has purple and pink high heel shoes.

One day Super Sarah saw two giant ants trying to destroy the town. She punched them in the eyeball and they both ran home.
By Sarah


  1. I like how you used lots of interesting words.

  2. Those are great stories!