Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Boo Boo stories

We have been working very hard on our writing this term. We have been working on making our stories more interesting. For motivation we talked about our boo boo's and then wrote stories about them  and made pictures on tux paint- enjoy!

I got burnt at my dad house when we were doing fireworks  and it hurt. I said ow! Ow!  Ow! My brother got burnt on his bottom. My dad put me behind his back so I couldn’t  get burnt again.
by Annalise
When I was on my scooter I stubbed my toe and it hurt my toe. I went to the office and I had to get a plaster.
By Miller

When I was at home I played on the jungle gym and I fell on the ground and after that I went to mum and mum fixed my sore.      
By Leeroy                                   


  1. I think your stories are great Room 9.

  2. cool room nine i love your drawing and your storeys are awesome.